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Divemaster-in-Training Kris
« on: June 01, 2009, 05:41:24 PM »
Hey all-

I may not be a Divemaster yet but I'm thisclose to finishing. It's been about 2 years since I started the Divemaster program but unfortunately that little pesky thing called life got in the way so I wasn't able to complete all of my requirements. In fact, I actually started the program with our newer instructors Glenn, Rich & Bryan (all a bunch of good blokes). 

I started diving in the fall of 2004. I wanted to take lessons because I was going away with my girlfriend to Puerto Rico and it was our first trip together so I wanted to do something special. I thought scuba would be a neat adventure. Little did I realize that our trip fell directly in the beginning of hurricane season and that our trip was going to experience one of the longest string of rain showers in the country's history... >:( But that's a story for another time....

Since I've been to Menlo Park mall so many times since I went to school at Rutgers and lived in Edison for about 6 years, I decided to check this store called Ocean Explorers in front of the mall between the McDonald's and pyschic. It was there that I met Donna and Garan. They seemed to know what they were talking about and seemed nice so I signed up for the next available class that was being taught by Nick and Karen. I finished my open water dives at Dutch Springs on a cool late October weekend (thank good my family lives 15 minutes from there) and completed my Open Water course 2 weeks before I was to leave to Puerto Rico.

Upon my return from my disastrous trip to Puerto Rico, I went back to the shop and asked when the next dive trip would be since I couldn't dive in Puerto Rico. I was told the next trip was in January and it was going to a little island off the coast of Honduras called Utila. And even though we didn't see any whale sharks, it was a good trip and I had a great time. I was even able to perform my first open water dive in the ocean.

From there on, I booked almost all of my vacations through the dive shop since most of my friends were married and don't have the luxury to get away from their spouses for extended periods of time. And since I'm not married (my girlfriend hasn't asked me to marry her which is yet another story), I needed a place to scratch my adventurous desire to travel and have fun. Plus it's always easier to have someone to back up your crazy stories when you get back...

Since I started diving, I completed the following courses: AOW, Nitrox, Equipment Specialist, Deep Diver, Boat Diver, Underwater Photography, Resue Diver, Underwater Navigation, Search & Recovery and Master Scuba Diver. So I do have some knowledge on diving and can answer some questions you may have.

You may see me around the shop so stop in and say hi.... You can also catch me on Facebook sometimes...

Kris Renaldi
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Re: Divemaster In-Training Kris
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Oh, and just so you know - Kris in one funny s.o.b.   ;D

Glad you made it to the forums, senor! I look forward to another fine dive season working together.