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Memberlist Purge
« on: September 30, 2015, 09:44:52 AM »
Hi Scuba Buddies,

Just letting ya know that over the next few days I will be going through the memberlist and weeding out a ton of false accounts. You don't get to see it, but daily, we get a a half dozen or so BOT sign ups......the accounts are created by scripts run by folks attempting to gain access and fill the message board with SPAM advertising. This is why we ask REAL name and current certification level when signing up - the scripts aren't capable of answering those. All other forms of prevention have been proven ineffective in the past.

What this means to you - since anyone can READ this message - if I inadvertently delete an ACTUAL account, please forgive me and sign back up - I'll be sure to restore your access quickly. I'm pretty good at spotting BOT accounts, so this shouldn't be a problem - but if it is - accept my apologies in advance.