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Selling my pro rig,
« on: February 25, 2018, 08:10:32 PM »
Howdy Gang,

Would never post this if it would take $$$ out of OE's pockets, but I think this one is safe.

I'm selling my pro video rig if anyone's interested:

Sony HVR-A1U Video camera
Amphibco Dive Buddy ELITE EVO enclosure
10 Watt Amphibico Arc Light (Old style)
10 Watt Amphibico HID Light (New style)
1 Flex arm and 1 clamp arm setup
1 blue-water filter (flip up) installed in housing, spare green water filter included.
FLAT port
Monitor back
2 standard batteries
2 extra capacity batteries
all cabling
I'm still looking for the extra batteries for both lights - haven't found them yet

$600 obo - comes with pre-plucked case for everything but lights - Pelican 1610 for an additional $125, otherwise I'll just keep the case.

Was $5k+   price negotiable.

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